SINGAPORE November 12 2019: The Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA’s) has announced the addition of online Global Content Marketplace “VUULR” as an official awards Patron for at least the next two years.


Winning a AAA golden statuette, dubbed the Goddess of Creativity, is a massive achievement but we feel it should also be a huge lift for the winning companies in terms of recognition, international sales, distribution, format sales and viewership.

“We’ve been analyzing ways our winners can further their sales reach and VUULR was one of the platforms we’ve been looking at for some time especially as it covers film, TV and sports” AAA President Michael McKay explained.

“We signed up, got to know the platform, made sure it was user-friendly, then met with Ian McKee and the people behind it, asked a lot of questions including the cost to users to see if it was something that would help the industry and especially our members” he added.

VUULR Chief Executive Ian McKee says “Part of Vuulr’s mission is to democratise access to distribution so great content can be recognised globally, and for content creators to flourish based on their talent”.

“We absolutely want to promote the AAA’s Asia Pacific content to OTTs and broadcasters globally, and enable content creators to earn their well-deserved share of licensing revenue; to support the incredible talent we have in the region” he added.

“We’ve invited VUULR to give an overview of the online programme distribution platform at our upcoming Regional Winner Conference on December 5th because we think it’s an area we as an industry need to be fully across,” said AAA Chief Executive Fiona McKay.


For More Information about VUULR: www.vuulr.com