Clement Schwebig

Warner Bros.Discovery President – Western Europe & Africa

Chairman, Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023

Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA) is honoured to welcome Clement as the new Chairperson of Awards 2023.

‘With deep knowledge of the local industry, the Academy will benefit from Clement’s expertise as it outlines its 2023 Awards program. Clement has a passion for the big picture and industry at large – we’re excited to have him on board.”

Clement Schwebig, said: “I’ve always admired the work of the Asian Academy Creative Awards; from its Academy Campus training programmes to its major regional ceremonies, it is pivotal in the development of the media and entertainment industry across Asia. I am honoured to accept this role and work more closely with the Asian Academy Creative Awards as it spotlights and recognizes standout local talent both behind and in front of the camera.”


Former Chairpersons

Saurabh Doshi

Founder of Virtualness
Chairman, Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021 & 2022

The Asian Academy Creative Awards would like to convey its great appreciation for the vision Saurabh provided during his tenure especially in embracing digital, metaverse and the first ever NFTs version of the trophy being given out to the winners in 2022.


Robert Gilby

CEO Asia Pacific, Dentsu

Chairman, Academy Campus Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021 & 2022

Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA) thank Mr. Gilby for his support as the Chairperson of Academy Campus 2021 & 2022.

“As SMF Chair I was able to witness first-hand the outstanding work done by the AAA and its Academy Campus” Mr. Gilby said, then added “the AAA has established itself as an invaluable member of the industry’s ecosystem by not only promoting Asian storytelling to the rest of the world but also providing valuable training and skills development initiatives”.


Founding Chairpersons

Ricky Ow

Partner, Quest Venture, ex-President of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks Asia
Founding Chairman, Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018-2020

Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA) thanks  Ricky Ow for his support and contribution as the Founding Chairman for 2018 -2020. Ricky will continue to support the AAA as special advisor.

“The Academy has a genuine commitment to supporting the Asian content industry by conducting masterclasses, workshops and seminars. Giving back to the next generation of industry professionals is something I’m very passionate about. This makes the AAA truly deserving of support and I hope the rest of the industry will follow,” said Ricky Ow.

Christine Fellowes

Independent Board Director. Member of Compensation Committee and Nominations Committee – VIQ Solutions

Former NBCU Managing Director Networks, Asia Pacific
Founding Chairperson, AAA Academy Campus 2018 – 2020

Christine was our inaugural Chair and provided so much drive and support, we cannot thank her enough.

Ms. Christine Fellowes will continue to support the AAA in an advisory capacity, known within the AAA as a Special Envoy. “The AAA have quickly proved themselves as a true Academy for our industry. The Campus has impacted thousands of creative and media industry students and executives from around the region, with wide support from leading academic institutions” said Ms Fellowes.