Paul Chivers is the Founding Director of Riskfacilitator and has over 25 years’ experience in developing, implementing and

introducing risk management frameworks, programs and systems worldwide. Paul’s antifragility approach helps systems thrive on uncertainty. His simple but effective techniques are focused around the concept that people changing because they are shown a truth that influences their feelings, not because they were given endless amounts of logical data. He has worked in a range of industries internationally, which include project and event management, TV and film, Inquests, aviation, education, sport & recreation, healthcare and defence. Paul has authored risk management graduate courses, research papers and reports, and lectures for a number of industry and tertiary bodies. Paul’s unique knowledge and experience of risk management has allowed him to become a sought-after facilitator and presenter, with unique and fascinating experiences, including risk and safety oversight for reality shows such as “The Amazing Race”, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”, “The Mole, “The Bridge”… Paul currently has the privilege in travelling the world (not such much), helping people manage risk with a proportionate level of due diligence that is practical yet defensible.