Formosa TV Evening News Anchor
National Winner Taiwan – Best Factual Presenter for Formosa TV Evening News

Career AbstractJournalism with 27 years’ experience & News anchor with 23 years’s experience. Host of News Pragramme:FTV’s Traffic Frontline、FTV’s Hall of Dissent

Autobiography: Lee has been working for 27 years in journalism and 23 years in newscasting. Over the years, she has witnessed countless important historical events and major natural disasters at home and abroad on the anchor platform,  including Taiwan’s 9.21 Earthquake, 3.19 shooting, Taiwan’s first political party rotation, and other six presidential elections, etc.; as well as international attention to the US 911 terrorist attack, the US-Iran war, and Japan’s 3.11 Earthquake, etc. Lee is responsible for prompt broadcasting to deliver the latest news.

Her interview footprints have covered from advanced democratic countries to poor and famine African countries such as Niger, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, etc. Lee went to Vietnam to report the legacy of the Vietnam War, and was nominated for the TV Golden Bell Award because of this reporting.