Founder & CEO Studio 76

Dennis Yang is the founder and CEO of the Taipei-based original scripted content IP development firm Studio76. Studio76 specializes in developing and investing in original IP content, from script incubation, production to worldwide marketing. Current projects include films distributed by some of the largest platforms in Asia including Disney+, Youku, RakutenTV and iQiyi. Based in Taiwan, Studio 76 uncovers stories with local themes that appeal internationally, catering to the demand for Asian content and capturing world audiences. Studio76’s mission is to grow and develop the content creation ecosystem by investing in productions in various genres.

Studio76 also operates Studio886, the top broadcast-quality content aggregation, translation service and data analysis operation in Taiwan by integrating more than 3,000 hours of TV content in drama series, food shows, animation and travel shows from over 15 broadcasters and content production companies in Taiwan. The aggregated content is then released and monetized on social media, SVOD and AVOD platforms.

The Studio76 company is funded by KKCompany, Taiwan’s National Development Fund and Asahi Broadcast Corp’s Dream Ventures.