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The newly minted Asian Academy Creative Awards has unveiled its award trophy and it promises to be an alluring prize for the finest content creators across the entire Asia-Pac region.

The AAA’s golden “Goddess of Creativity” will comfortably take its place alongside the world’s most prestigious trophies, having been designed and produced by Society Awards, the New York based company responsible for the Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

The Asian Academy Creative Award’s highest symbol of creative excellence stands an imposing 36cms (14 inches) but, from it’s very core, took its inspiration from pure creative endeavour. And like all creative achievement, it has of course been forged through talent, but also hardship; self doubt mixed with an unwavering determination and perseverance. The AAA’s Goddess stands proudly as a symbol of not only the crowning glory of success, but the set backs, the rejections and the doubters who invariably form part of the journey towards creative achievement.

Her wings reflect the creative process and its innate ability to take flight, soaring to its the peak, for it was always destined to do so. And she stands atop a formidable metallic base on which to carry the names of those whose very achievements will soon be etched in AAA history.

The AAA’s Goddess of Creativity was designed by Society Awards in New York, one of the world’s foremost trophy designers and craftsmen. 3-D Art Director for Society Awards, Vicky Fotopoulou (pictured), is a Master of Fine Arts. These were some of her notes that helped form the AAA design:

  • A source of inspiration was “Nike of Samothrace”. Like Nike, the AAA figure stands proud, humble and triumphant; the draped garment is the tailored outcome of all the obstacles overcome to rise to excellence.
  • Determination, power, and elegance all inspired the stance and design of the statuette, making for a graceful and balanced sculpture.
  • The basis of any masterpiece: balance, harmony and form all of which were well thought of when crafting an award of higher excellence.
  • The modernization of Neolithic art was part of the grounding inspiration for the AAA statue that stands proud, powerful and triumphant.
  • This award depicts honour, excellence and dignity, all character traits sought in the recipients.

What is the significance of the cloth the Goddess is draped in?
The cloth is formed from the original logo design created by Jo Membery, a Bachelor of Design and Creative Director at Membery Design.

Why is the Goddess holding the “A”?
This represents the time honoured art of story telling and the “A” symbolises the written word. The inspiration for this came from the simplified A in the Jo Membery created logo.