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The countdown to our inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards Gala Final is on! President Michael McKay shares his top 5 things to love about the Gala Final.

  1. THE RED CARPET – Who doesn’t love a Red Carpet? The AAA Red Carpet will be one to remember and it’s live at 6.30pm Friday on E!
    What To Wear? Simple…Dress to Impress (you need a reason?)
  2. THE STARS – They’re flying in from all around the region – Host Oli Pettigrew from the USA, former NZ supermodel Rachel Hunter, Aaron Aziz, Crazy Rich Asian’s Constance Lau, Maja Salvador, Lisa Surihani and hubby Yusry (KRU), Rebecca Lim, Taiwan’s Pei-jia Huang, Singapore’s Oon Shu An, Adinia Wirasti, Candy Yang (Taiwan’s Rozeki) and Poppy Sovia, (Indonesia’s The Publicist), Harith Iskander, Fakkah Fuzz, Irene Ang, Michael Kho (Indonesia) – so many, but you get the picture. Plus, they’re turning upon the Red Carpet in luxury vehicles from Wearnes.
  3. THE COMPETITION – Sacred Games up for 7 awards, Marlina The Murderer, Rozeki, Critical Eleven, The Publicist, and so many more. The battle for “Best Non-Scripted”, “Best Lifestyle Presenter”, “Best Director”…and here’s the clincher… JUDGING INSIGHTS – There’s drama aplenty. We have tie-breakers and scores so close it’s almost painful. You’ll get judging insights never before revealed on the other awards shows. And you can catch it live on HOOQ.
  4. THE AAA GOLD PASS – It’s my favourite ticket to the big Gala Final because it gets you onto the Red Carpet, into the Exclusive Pre-Show Drinks, a VIP Seat at the Gala and entry into the Official Post Show Party. If you’re not doing the Gala AAA Gold Pass style well, #justsayin
  5. THE FAN EXPERIENCE – We’re part of the Singapore Media Festival and we want to involve the fans as much as possible so we’ve introduced a $50 Fan Experience Ticket: Red Carpet walk and a seat at the Gala. Perfect.