Associate Producers, Rosebud Production
National Winner Taiwan – Best Original Productions by a Streamer/OTT – The Amazing Grace of Σ

Celine KAO is a producer and writer born in Taiwan with 10 years’ experience in developing scripts and projects with international potentials, including IP development and digital marketing. Notably working as marketing planner in film distribution company and online streaming platform before she parting ways under creative differences. Astrategic and highly motivated producer in developing promising female character-centric film projects, Celine is a versatile producer whose scope ranges from personal,independent films to commercial TV series. From 2019, works primarily on the feature film project “The Horse”, selected by Talents Tokyo, Produire au Sud Workshop and Ties That Bind on demand workshop. In 2021, she propelled the Taiwanese cult crime drama “The Amazing Grace of Σ” to being selected at the Series Mania and to having its Asia premiere at the Golden Horse Film Festival in 2021. IIn 2022, Celine has taken part in the 2022 edition of Match Me!, the Locarno Pro program and also EAVE Ties That Bind workshop, which devoted to building communities between emerging professionals from Europe and Asia within the international production landscape. Currently, focusing on thefirst feature “The Horse” and actively developing cross-medium visual content such as the immersive theatre-adapted series “The Great Tipsy : 1980s” and “Rocking Against the Tides”, a Taiwanese independent music-moving documentary. Celine is committed to developing projects with international perspectives that also reflect contemporary social issues and the care for humanity.

“The Great Tipsy1980s”, Series, Romance/Fantasy, Executive Producer, Ksana Films (Taiwan), 2021-, In development

2022 TAICCA Development Fund

“Rocking Against the Tides” , Documentary, Executive Producer, Ksana Films (Taiwan), 2024, post production

“The Horse”, Drama/Fantasy, Producer, Ksana Films(Taiwan), 2019- 2023 Golden Horse Film Festival ; Film Project Promotion

2022 Locarno Pro -Match Me! ; Ties That Bind workshop 2019 Produireau Sud Taipei Workshop

The Amazing Grace of Σ, Series, Associate producer, Rosebud Production (Taiwan), 2020

2021 Golden Horse Film Festival 2021 Series ManiaFestival

2020 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion-Series

“The World Between Us”, “The Making of an Ordinary Woman”, Series, Marketing planner,Catchplay Inc.(Taiwan), 2016/04-2021.03