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Highly respected international law firm, Baker McKenzie has accepted the appointment to formally oversee the final round judging and final results of the Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Aside from auditing the final scores, Baker McKenzie will verify that judging procedures have been strictly adhered to, including any necessary “tie-breaker” rounds.

Chairman of Awards Ricky Ow welcomed Baker McKenzie to the honorary role and said it reflected the AAA’s determination to apply world’s best practices when it came to its judging procedures. “Baker McKenzie will verify all results and will not sign off on it until they are satisfied it has met our strict adjudicating stands” said Mr Ow.

AAA President, Michael McKay, explained why the organization elected to use an international law firm rather than an accounting company “our judging system is completely computerized so we don’t really require the points to be verified as much as the overall process itself and that is best done by a major, internationally renowned legal firm” he said.