Judges are selected by

1) invitation by the Awards. These are industry professionals of high standing and unquestionable expertise in the genre.

2) Those nominated by Ambassadors, who endorsed the judging candidate and their qualifications.

3) Those who self nominate and meet the criteria of having worked in their chosen field of expertise for a minimum of five years, can demonstrate credits or a track record in the genre.


To win an Asian Academy Creative Award an entry must pass through two distinct Judging Rounds.

Round 1 is the National Round where local judges vote for the programmes or performances they deem the best in their own nation.

All of the judging is done anonymously and online so judges do not get to confer or be influenced by others. They allocate points to the entry. The Entry with the most points wins.

Unlike some other awards processes, an Asian Academy Creative Award Judge cannot adjudicate a category they themselves have entered or in which they declare a conflict.

The winner in each category will be declared the Best In Nation.

For example, the highest scoring drama show in India will be awarded “Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Drama – India”.

This entrant will then go on to represent their nation at the Asian Academy Creative Awards Gala Finals in Singapore in December.

Round 2 is the International Judging stage where expert panels from around the world assess each National Winner and score their work.

For this round, all entries must carry English subtitles as judges could come from many nations including those outside the region (such as USA, UK).

Again, the voting system is completely online and the judges are not known to each other. The votes are tallied by computer then audited by an external, independent legal company.

The names of these winners are then sealed, only to be announced on the 5th and 6th of December at the Award Ceremonies. Any variations to the judging process must be approved by the Chairman of Awards and announced publicly.


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